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Blockshipping ICO Review

This is a Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) which is based on the blockchain technology. It claims to be the first in the world for providing freight container registry and the first platform globally that allows its participants in the shipping industry to be able to perform a large number of container-related transactions.

How Does It Work?

This platform is one of the first that aims to connect participants within the container shipping industry including transport terminals, carriers, and ports. There are currently about 27 million freight contractors globally and this platform aims to be the first blockchain-based registry that can facilitate the industry by providing them insight and tracking their containers at all times.

Blockshipping also aims to provide users the ability to manage every transaction which is related to the handling of their containers. The platform prototyping and design is scheduled to take place in the first half of 2018. There are professional developers who are designing the blockchain and smart contracts for Blockshipping and by the end of 2018, Blockshipping aims to implement the platform and iPaaS.

How Does It Help?

Blockshipping ICOThe main aim of Blockshipping is to use the blockchain technology for the protection of the sea trade industry. It plans to do this by providing increased efficiency and improving the process.

There are currently many deficiencies in the shipping and container industry, which include security threats, overcapacity and environmental regulations among others. This platform aims to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 4.6 million tons by making sure ships do not make any unnecessary trips and optimize the loads that they can carry.


There will be two types of tokens:

  • The internal utility token or CPT (Container Platform Token)
  • The external revenue share token or CCC (Container Crypto Token)

CPT will be used for settling and clearing transactions that take place between the users on this platform. These transactions generally cover the services related to handling the global container. A percentage from the transaction also goes to the revenue share pool, which is passed onto those users who own the CCC tokens.


  • The goal of Fundraising: US $24.8 million
  • Tokens to Be Sold During Pre-Sale and ICO: 40,000,000
  • Number of Tokens to Be Given as Bonuses: 2,500,000
  • Price of the Token During ICO: US 0.62
  • Total ICO Revenue: US $24,800,000
  • Max Supply of Tokens: 50,000,000 CCC tokens
  • Accepted Tokens: BTC/ETH/Fiat